Parliament Visit

21st December 2016

Shailesh Vara MP recently met sixth form Government and Politics students from Abbey College, Ramsey, in the House of Commons. The students met Mr Vara as part of an educational tour of Parliament.

Mr Vara had a lively question and answer session in which the students quizzed him on a number of local and national issues. As part of their tour the students sat in on debates taking place in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords and were given an insight into the ceremonies and traditions of Parliament.

Following the visit Mr Vara said:

“We had an interesting question and answer session during which we discussed a wide range of local and national issues. I also explained the role of an MP and how important the work of the various committees is in scrutinising the Government. It was a privilege to have an opportunity to engage with this intelligent group of young people."

An Abbey College student wrote:

‘’Year 12 politics students from Abbey College attended a workshop and tour of the Houses of Parliament. Our afternoon ended with a short session with Mr Shailesh Vara, MP, who answered student questions and gave a brief on his role as an MP. Mrs Lucinda Blood, teacher of politics, remarked that once again the tour and workshop were engaging and her students thoroughly enjoyed seeing debates in both Houses and having a chance to meet their local MP.’’ 

Photo: Mr Vara is pictured with students and Mrs Lucinda Blood from Abbey College, Ramsey