Stay Well This Winter Campaign

8th December 2016

Shailesh Vara MP is urging people to take their flu jabs and find out more about how they can stay well during the winter. This is particularly important for pensioners who suffer from a long term condition or for people who have children between 2 and 7.

Mr Vara supports the Stay Well This Winter campaign which is being run by Public Health England and NHS England. It aims to raise awareness of the vulnerability of the elderly and those with long-term health conditions at winter among family, friends and carers.

Mr Vara said:

Winter is a challenging time for all of us, particularly for the young and the old. The NHS advice includes precautionary measures such as keeping homes heated to at least 18°C, taking the free flu vaccine where eligible and seeking advice from pharmacists at the first sign of illness. It is also important that we try to look after each other as a community by keeping an eye on elderly relatives and neighbours.’